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Swift 2Days Mesmerizing Trip To Parvati Valley July ‘2014

  • MetalHead on #22820

    This is going to be more of a photologue than a travelogue. However, I will write wherever required.

    This was a very long pending trip to Manikaran/Kasol. My parent’s court holidays came and got over. They kept asking me if I can manage to under-take this trip but I could not. Post their holidays I decided to take some off and have this small 2 day trip.

    We left Noida on saturday morning at 5am. Our first halt was at Sukhdev for our driver’s B’fast and our morning tea. After that we stopped at Panipat for tyre change due to puncture. To get the punctured tyre fix we then stopped at Banur at 10:15am. Then straight away we stopped at Swarghat for lunch at 1:00pm. The roads were in pretty bad shape in Bilaspur. Then our next halt was at somewhere before Sundernagar for tea at around 4:15pm. The rain was with us in on/off mode from Bilaspur. So the weather was beautiful through-out the journey till Kasol. Then another tea break before Pandoh Dam at 5:48pm. At a view point where torrential water was coming out from dam. By 7:34pm we were at Bhuntar and I stopped to capture the view of Bhuntar and river Beas flowing below the bridge with flow of water being so fast that the water droplets were floating all over the river surface creating a magical view like fog over the water.


    Kiddie enjoying open place after sitting in car for so long at Banur, when we stopped for getting punctured tyre fixed.

    At Banur only

    View from Swarghat restaurant




    From a Tea break place before Sundernagar.


    View from Sundernagar lake.



    View from another tea break place before Pandoh dam with torrential water flowing from dam.


    Bhuntar view.

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    DHEERAJ SHARMA on #39930

    😮 😮 😮 Wow Vibhu, so the beast is on the Maiden Trip to Himalayas… Lovely, heavenly weather it seems as pics are doing the talks :) :)

    Anonymous on #39931

    @dheerajsharma14 wrote:

    😮 😮 😮 Wow Vibhu, so the beast is on the Maiden Trip to Himalayas… Lovely, heavenly weather it seems as pics are doing the talks :) :)

    Nah bhai…..I am not that experienced yet to drive on such terrain and so far. Hired taxi as usual, but yes, now I am thinking to start taking own vehicle.
    Yes, the weather was literally good while going. However, while coming back it was all hot.

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    aashish2137 on #39932

    Lovely monsoons view. Kiddo seems to be having a ball too. Didn’t the road around Swarghat improve recently? I saw them working on the patches.

    Anonymous on #39933

    @aashish2137 wrote:

    Lovely monsoons view. Kiddo seems to be having a ball too. Didn’t the road around Swarghat improve recently? I saw them working on the patches.

    Yeah bro….He had a great time. He was always eager to step out of vehicle and run around. Yes, the road repair work was under process when we were coming back but it seemed waste as it was raining and they were repairing it.

    Anonymous on #39934

    The view of other side of bridge was even more beautiful. We reached around 8:30pm or so and it was still drizzling. Rooms were already booked for two nights with b’fast and dinner costing 3350 for 1 dbl bed room. We hit the bed as all of us were tired from this long journey.

    Woke up next day asusual early in the morning and stepped out of the hotel to check out the surrounding view and I was eternally happy to see the view/vista. Snow covered peaks engulfed with clouds were visible which completed my trip. As usual with my dad I went for a walk to find a tea shop, however could not locate one. The views of the mountains kept changing with time. At times vivid, sometimes clouds playing with them.

    Plan of the day was only to visit Manikaran Gurudwara which was the main reason of this trip. We did our b’fast and started our small ride to Gurudwara which was just 3km from hotel.

    The view on the other side of the bridge


    Morning view which made my trip @ 6:30am


    Clouds hovering over mountains……Ahhh

    Hotel and mountain

    Mountains show various faces and I felt blessed.

    Close-up to virtually feel that I am there.


    View of Kasol town from hotel.

    All clear to give a heavenly look.


    My personal favorite. I just felt like walking on these green pastures.

    While going towards Gurudwara.

    Another view offered by mountains.

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    DHEERAJ SHARMA on #39935

    Wow, zoom have come out nice and it indeed is heavenly when clouds surround those parvati peaks… Rivers looks raging… How a about a brief review of the hotel Sandhya Kasol and do share the contact of Delhi driver you took. Will be helpful to others.

    Did you you get a chance to go over to bridge or talk to Om Negi as follow up for the Kasol clean Drive?

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    sany on #39936


    This is sheer brilliance at quick pace, lol you just went and are already up with details and story and pics. And we people (lazy bums) just keep processing pics for months. Anyways you were lucky you saw real beauty at bhunter.

    Please share sandhy kasol review as i heard its good and decently budgeted but even that decent budget of 2500 should satisfy one and all. In all fabulous short trip

    BTW what car???? what was dheeraj bhai pointing to……?

    Dheeraj bhai, i think he did go to the camp and had followed up on our work in kasol, sorry but it was in a sad state. I believe neeraj has done some follow up after vibhu bhai’s return.

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    DHEERAJ SHARMA on #39937

    Sad to know Sany :(

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    Yayawar on #39938

    Yes, apart from that, the old complaint was disposed off with shoddy explanation. Have logged a complaint again! 👿

    Good pics Vibhu bro! :)

    Anonymous on #39939

    dheerajsharma14 – Yes, dheeraj bhai zoom did come out quite nice I would say and it was absolutely a heaven like feeling while looking at those peaks again and again. I will surely write a brief review about the hotel. Where exactly do I need to provide the contact details of driver? Here only or in any other section?

    Yes, bhai, I did meet Om Negi as Sany bhai has mentioned in his comments. I walked upto his camp and got update that nothing is happening. The garbage bags are still lying there. Neither pradhan nor mahila mandal are doing anything. Negi himself conducted some cleanup drive around the area(I believe from that bridge tp his camp) 2 times but then again it is in same condition. I shared some pics of the place on whatsapp when I was there. It is in complete sad state.

    Because, I could not come along with you guys in that cleanup drive. So this time when I had gone, I was walking from Manikaran to Kasol and I started picking up all the empty packs of chips/namkeen which were lying beside the road, with my bare hands(I know it was not safe though). But it was an impulsive decision. And I threw them in hotel garbage.

    sany – Thanks Sany bhai. Just to change my frustrated mind my overloaded job, I try to take time out for this :).
    The hotel is good and I will write about it.
    Dheeraj bhai is referring to my new vehicle bro :) I shared it on core group.

    NonStopDriver – Thanks Neeraj bhai. I think a a hard follow-up is required there as all are selfish and fake.

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    DHEERAJ SHARMA on #39940

    Hmmm… Yeah brother Neeraj has taken it up firmly. Good to see at least Omi is doing good there but with lack of support of authorities, I think he might also give up one day. Anyways let’s see what happens in future. May be some of the readers get motivated and help this cause in future by at least not littering. Great work you did up there brother, I think acts like this sometimes motivate at least few people not to throw things around or at least set a lesson in our own families which is more important than anything else… Our generations to come are the future of these hopes of change !!

    Bhai you can share the contact here or in Travel Articles section by starting a new thread of reliable drivers for hills in Delhi.

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    sany on #39941

    VIBHU BHAI, i think i missed looking at your monster, please share exclusive pictures with us here also. Hume bhi to pata chale apki jaan ki sawari, aapki shaan ki sawari.

    Yours efforts on your part are commendable. more than that bhai…you thought about it from your part , “IT” counts.

    Anonymous on #39942

    We reached Gurudwara and weather was very nice. It was bit windy after entering the Gurudwara. We did not have lungar as we had b’fast in the hotel. After getting blessing from Baba Ji, everyone asked me, now what to do. I had wish to visit Tosh village but I was not sure how the road condition will be ahead but still I asked the driver to drive upto Pulga village. And from there we will see if it is feasible to visit Tosh or not.

    From Bharsheni to Pulga Dam road was in deteriorating condition. We stopped at Pulga Dam and enjoyed the vistas around. While I was in mood to visit Tosh village but considering the fact I am with family, and not sure how the road condition will be ahead and the chances of rain, I declined the plan and from there we started back journey to hotel.

    In return journey near a water fall we spent some good time while having tea and maggi. At Manikaran, me and my wife got down as we wanted to walk from there till our hotel. In that walk I did the clean-up task and enjoyed the valley view’s which reminded me of view’s from Chhitkul to Sangla. After reaching hotel I called Om Negi to ask his location and met him for feedback. Then it was plain walk from his camp to hotel in the evening. Had dinner and retired for the day.

    Entrance of Gurudwara


    While going to Pulga.

    Pulga view from dam.

    View from dam.

    Road going towards Tosh.


    Mountains behind Pulga.

    Another Pulga view.

    Small waterfall

    Views I enjoyed while walking towards Kasol


    From Chashal bridge.

    From Chashal bridge.


    Anonymous on #39943

    Next and the last day it was a pure drive back to Noida.

    Before leaving the heavenly place it was vital to take a look at the Parvati peaks to download their beauty in my mind and eyes.

    So last set of pics.

    Morning darshan of peaks





    Perfectly located hotel

    Family pic by the river


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