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A Dream called … Ladakh

  • Ananya1983 on #21761

    Hi All,

    Better late than never :P ….Sorry for delay in sharing my experiences but it took me some time to come back to reality …
    Thanq DOW for giving us the confidence to plan this trip within a very short span & do it on our own… Ur tips & guidance was very very helpfull..

    Ladakh – July 14th to July 22nd, 2013
    Day 1: Flew in from Delhi in the early morning flight to Leh in Air India … Speechless scenes from the window seat…Do try to book a seat with minimum wing obstructions…. Since Leh Airport is a sensitive area we were asked to keep our cameras away as we descended…



    It was windy & chilly in Leh & the sun was giving optimum warmth .. We had contacted a Local driver beforehand who came to receive us.. He had booked us in Jigmet Guest House , Upper Tukcha Road.

    Driver : Mr.Thinley , very very humble , well mannered , knowledgeable & simple person, He drives his own vehicle – Relatively New Xylo
    Contact : 09797313132

    The rooms were neat & we were allotted a 3 bedded rooms none other were available. It was 1200 bucks with breakfast but without TV (Thank God for that)
    There r 1000ss of small guest houses & hotels in Upper Tukcha, Chanspa & fort road… u can easily go, see the rooms & negotiate the rates.. Almost all places have their own kitchen for serving breakfast & limited lunch & dinner options..
    We rested for the first half of the day & then explored the nearby lanes in the evening .. also climbed to the Palace in the evening but was tough as we faced AMS a bit…Acclimatize well with the condition by good sleep & ample hydration..
    WEnt to Summer Harvest near the Main market for Momos & yummy Thukpa….. Real good place to hang out …

    Day 2: Sight seeing in Leh & Alchi … Shifted Guest house to Reeyul .. small basic rooms for 700 without breakfast but with TV :)
    Rested in the evening , strolled by the lanes .. Had dinner at Pumpernickles next to German Bakery (the original i suppose with a Sardar boss)…Tastiest Lemon Honey Ginger Tea with a biggg burger …

    Day 3: Off to Khardungla to Nubra Valley…. Never imagined the road would be like never ending …. as we were approaching the peak the BRO guys blocked the road due to some blasting activities at the peak…. It took nearly 1& 1/2 hours for us to proceed…. Had good photographic sessions tho…. If u r from the mainland do take extra protection in terms of woolens as it becomes chillier as u approach the Top.. cover ur ears for sure…
    Had a hearty maggi & tea session at the peak after achieving a highpoint in life…
    Reached Nubra Valley almost at 4.30 pm … at this point it was like travelling in the deserts of americas …. flat land & just 1 road in between…. It was amazing to seee such vast patches of sand dunes surrounded by talll , brown mountains… It was quiet hot too in the plains…
    We checked in at Goba Guest House for 1300 bucks with Dinner & breakfast … Again the place is fullll of guest houses , camps & hotels & nothing else… Liquor , Meat & smoking is strictly prohibited here …
    After the double humped camel safari ( Rs 180 for 15 mins ride) , we enjoyed the sunset midst the sand dunes… Theres nothing else to do in the night time as the place sleeps very early … So rest …

    Day 4 : Back on the wheels via Diskit Monastry , onto khardungla & back to Leh .. This time it was faster …
    We also opted for a 17 km Rafting trip on the Zanskar River near Chillin village (Inr 1300 per head without lunch incl. pick up & drop) ..
    Was fun as we saved another rafter frm getting washed away in the rapids… was a good 3 hour experience but had a hard time with our shoulders in the night ;) (punishment for not exercising at all ) ….. Again there r many many travel agents who bargain for such activities…

    After returning , We did little shopping in the Tibetian Refugee Markets… Bargaining is full -on ….Try to buy fresh apricots during the season… Had nice evening tea at Chanspa Road …We tried a local Tibetian joint for dinner which paid off well..

    Day 5 : Off to Pangong … Lovly drive thru the moonscapes , Visited Hemis Monastry enroute.. spent som calm silent moments thru the prayers… A must visit for all …. As we first glimsed the lake from a distance it was like feeling Heaven… We had a lunch stop som 15-20 kms away Spangmik … Reached by 3.30 pm to check in at Himalayan Wooden Cottages (only ply cottages in the area mostly having camps) – Rs 1500 incl. dinner & breakfast …
    It was windy already but bright sun-shine was making it comfortable… We couldnt hold ourselves & started for thr lake along with our Tri-pod to capture perfect sunset … As we walked along the shore (water was way toooo cold for us) we felt the colour changing from brown (mud water from the mountains ) to blue to greenish …as sun started to set the water started to loose its color …. it was like the feeling of Life to Death …
    We saw a couple of enthusiast who had camped in thr own tent , jump right into the cold water for a swim… that was Godly i thought ..
    As it got darker , it became windier & chillier ….but the moon shone in its almost full form (full moon was 2 days away) .. we cud spot trillionsss of stars , may b galaxies in the clear sky …..but it was REAL COLD ….pls take extra extra extra precautions… We had a simple home made dinner & a silent night sleep …..

    Day 6 : Sunrise at 5.45 am & we set off for the pictures… the water looked like Amrit (so tempting)… Just felt like staring at it for everrrrr…. sat beside the water & felt its calmness …It was a out of the world experience .. time just flew by & it was time to pack & return…
    Went to the 3 Idiots shooting spot … That movie has really gifted us with the Wander of Pangong..
    After breakfast we set off for our journey back…. via Changla ..shey & thiksey .. we reached Leh …. Evening we strolled some more & reached local football stadium for a local teams fnal match .. That was d feeling of watching EPL finals at Old Traford… Wat enthusiasm among the local Ladakhis…

    Day 7: We were at ease today …We went to the Shanti Stupa & spent quality time with self… After a terrific lunch at Summer Harvest , we went for some more souvenir purchase & bought Ladakh Tees (300 & 400 Rs depending on designs) .. Dinner at Lamayaru Restaurant (Pls dnt try Thai food here) ….
    Learnt the hard way — Jaisa Desh Waisa Bhesh… Try to eat the local food as much as possible..

    Day 8: It had rained the whole night & still raining .. we had our flight at 8.55 am & we reached at 7.30 am at the airport ….All flights were cancelled due to non-visibility & after 2 hours of chaos & confusion we had return back.. We checked-in at Jigmet once again.. this time luckier to get a double room for Inr 700. Spent the day lazying & thanking God to give us 1 more day to spend in Leh….

    Day 9: Better weather & after 2 hours delay we finally Left Leh to get back to REALITY …

    Hope I could share my dreamwith u .. feel free to contact for any help …

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    Vinod Raman on #29375

    Hi Anannya, a crisp write up :)

    Pl share the pics from Nubra, Pangong and Leh local also please :)

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    DHEERAJ SHARMA on #29376

    Seriously, very crisp write up with great valuable info. cum short reviews for the travelers in need. I have updated all the respective threads from Taxi Drivers as well as Restaurants in Ladakh. Thanks for such vital info. and glad that you lived the dream and yes for most of us it is a dream and will always be… It happens in Leh that flights get cancelled, in fact on my trip when my flight got cancelled due to heavy snowfall we had to spend 2 more days including that day, meaning 3 days extra in heaven :D

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    aashish2137 on #29377

    Lovely. Could relate my own trip on so many levels! :)

    Anonymous on #29378

    Thanx guys …..
    Wud upload a few more pics soon…

    Anonymous on #29379


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    DHEERAJ SHARMA on #29380

    Aah, nice, bring us some more pictures :D

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    DHEERAJ SHARMA on #29381

    Well, we also stayed at these Himalayan Wooden Cottages at Pangong Tso and they were very nice. Working on its detailed review now.

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