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Reply To: The walk alongside a river, to Kailash and Mansarovar

Anonymous on #45734

Finally I managed to keep myself from reading this tale for long and I could manage getting to read 3 posts together.

Fabulous Vinod.

And no doubt this looks like Ladakh as Neeraj mentioned. Or as you mentioned, Ladakh is like this. :)

But then you were also right about the point you made about the lakes there.

Rakshas Tal looks like a big ocean to me with islands in the middle. The best was when you mentioned that people treat it as an unfortunate lake there in Tibet, while it might look so serene to us. That might be because of the number and kinds of Tso’s Tibet must be having that they can differentiate them as Good or Bad. For us a thinkg like this would be beautiful :D

Great going bro. Waiting for a clearer view of the holy Mt. Kailash and Gurla Mandata. :)

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