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Day 14: June 26, 2014 (Thursday)

First views:

Mt. Kailash was supposed to be visible from here at Rakshas Tal. However, owing to the cloud cover, we could neither see Mt. Kailash nor Gurla Mandatta (which is the highest peak in the region). So at around 12, local time, we left from Rakshas Tal. We did not know where we were headed to next, and all that we knew was that the destination for the day was Darchen.

Gurla Mandata hidden:

About 5 minutes after we left from Rakshas Tal, the sky started clearing a bit, and we could now see a bit of Mt. Kailash. There was a bit of commotion amongst all of them in the bus upon Mt. Kailash becoming visible to the eyes – a sudden rush of devotion and reverence, and with folded hands, everyone looked out of the bus for the mountain.

Partly visible Kailash

Some more peaks becoming visible

And… we drove along the banks of Rakshas Tal on these wonderful roads at 4500+ metres altitude!!

Clicked from the last seat in the bus focusing backwards

Last views of Rakshas Tal

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