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Reply To: Srinagar – Leh Highway Status 2015 – 2016

Anonymous on #44716

Hi, first of all a very big thanks to the admin of this site as this is an amazing website one can refer to. If you are planning for Leh!, this site is the google for it. 80% of the information has been taken from this site to plan my trip, and finally, we’re going tomorrow i.e. 7th Aug from Capital.
Just had a few quick questions:
1- From Jammu to Srinagar, which is best, 1A or 144A
2- How early we can start from Srinagar to kargil, is there any time restrictions or it’s advisable to move along with others when there’s little traffic on the road. We are planning to start around 5 in the morning.
3- Any latest updates on Srinagar to kargil or Kargil to Leh road status.
4- Private car who’s registered on the name of same person driving it, is there still a problem with Taxi Union in Leh?
–I will keep sharing the updates from my end, whenever/wherever possible to this site for other’s help.
Thanks in advance!

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