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sudhirpai on #39631

Thanks dheeraj.
About self drive cars,initially we listed down some 7-8 self drive renting company or individuals after a deep internet serach.We started contacting each of them.Few of them seemed like brokers and did not have any proper information.We needed the following details. or yellow number plate.
2.any permit issue. cost and the mode of payment.
4.any restriction on daily kms run.
5.deposit procedure details in case of major and minor accidents.
7.any hidden costs

After repeated calls(no proper communication from other end most of the time),they told that people are not agreeing to rent out car to ladakh.
i went through avis site.Initially it showed 28000 but in final page ,the insurance and other things added up and final amount was 54000 😮 😯

Then we went through carzonrent site .We liked the deal but when contacted same problem.’We don’t rent cars to ladakh’.

There was one more guy who had scorpio and endeavour.but he did not seem to give all the information we require.Later he came back saying its 4000 a day for endeavour.scorpio no guarantee of avaialbility and daily average restriction is 200 kms a day.More than that will be charged extra.We thought we will keep this as last option if we do not find any.

Then my friend contacted ecorent a car.They said the price is 150%for ladakh which we thought will be too much for 11 days. i e 4200*11=46200.
I sent a query to them detailing my plans and they came back with a improved pricing.
2800 per day.and 1400 extra per day for around 5 days.This included COD(collision waiver).So total it will be around 38k for 11 days
The firm is open 24 hrs and the rental period starts from 12 midnyt.As per our plan ,we wanted 4 hrs earlier and they charged us 1k extra for that.
They guaranteed us that no extra rupee will be charged unless some damage to the car.
They asked us to send the documents through mail .Credit card was used both for paying rental and deposit amount of 6000 was blocked(48000 using cc and 12000 cash on spot).
On the said day ,as promised the car was ready at 8pm.Procedure went on for 30 minutes since we confused them by paying the amount using 2 credit card of different name and then 12000 by cash since cc exceeded its limit 😆
in short rental money is charged before itself using cc and deposit we need to pay on spot using either cc or cash.

Car was good ,smooth,comfortable.
Issues faced:full empty brake oil,and not so good brakes.But that is expected of rented cars.

On return they just went round the car,checked for any damages and completed the procedure within 15 minutes.12000 cash was returned.
Credit card amount of 48000 was reverted and deposited to account within a week.
If asked,We would recommend ecorentacar to anyone requiring a self drive vehicle for ladakh.Staff was v nice and easy to communicate.They do not rent SUV to ladakh though. :)

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