Delhi to Chail – Kufri – Shimla – Devil’s First Trip


This is where it all started when I took my wheels and headed straight towards Himalayas with one of my school friend ….I was not so good at directions always, to play with them was always on my mid… We left Delhi at 7 AM and already knew were late… As I had been great lover of cricket so wanted to see highest cricket ground, hence Destination was Chail…

Views enroute Chail

Day 1 | November 1st, 2008 | Delhi to Chail

When we reached zirakpur funny thing happened…there was a direction sign which had fallen off and we idiots thought it to be correct and followed it…it said for KALKA take left from here…After being in doubt and seeing only signs of patiala for more than 15 KMs we finally asked someone. Not to our surprise he confirmed we took the wrong turn, so we trackback and finally entered the right part of the Himachal through Kalka. We took some food with us when we left from, stopped near timber trail and had our lunch at around 13:00 Hrs I think. After around 1.5 – 2 hrs we reached a diversion point towards Chail after Solan and leaving NH-22 we headed right. As you can see the road was like extremely smooth but narrows at some turns and places. It was a smooth ride till Chail.

Views enroute Chail
Views enroute Chail

Unfortunately since it was first ever unplanned sought of trip focus was more on reaching the destination than clicking the snaps. Moreover we had more pictures of ourselves, polluting by our faces, the natural beauty which this part of the world has to offer :-). But, since it’s first totally exempted I believe. We reached Chail at 16:30 PM and headed straight to see Cricket Ground

Cricket Ground at Chail
Cricket Ground at Chail
Cricket Ground at Chail
Cricket Ground at Chail

Since we had to leave to Ckeck-in the hotel and foremost find it first ;)…we had a tea at Canteen of the School in front of the Ground…it was great and guy was very helpful in providing the inputs on taking the hotel as well. We rushed back to the town and got the room at RS 350 only. It was right behind the market in first row but I forgot the name. we went on one road going up from the market and decided to click some picture.

Views of Chail
Views of Chail
Views of Chail

On the way back, we went to the Gurudwara over there and had our prayers and came back to hotel for a sound sleep. The atmosphere there at Chail was extremely peaceful, calm and serene and it was to my delight…liked that place. I feel it’s a great place to visit if you need to rest with peace. 🙂

The Journey ahead-

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